Tuesdays with Dorie – Boca Negra

I’ve been so ridiculously busy with work recently that I haven’t had any time to bake or blog! I know, very upsetting. However, thankfully, I was organised and made this week’s Tuesdays with Dorie recipe last weekend and I’m glad I did because it was well worth it! I decided to pop home to see my parents for the weekend and to make this dessert for them and none of us are particularly keen on strong alcohol in desserts so I decided to replace the bourbon with half brandy and half water. I’ve made dessert cakes like this one before, a recipe by Donna Hay seems to produce particularly similar results but I thoroughly enjoyed it anyway. Very rich and decadent, we served it with vanilla ice cream to balance the palate but we all preferred it cold surprisingly as the texture was closer, like fudge but more delicate, and wasn’t as sickly. I even managed to take some for lunch the next day! So here’s my Boca Negra, or Moulin Bouche as my dad called it, which seeing as it was just a joke because he couldn’t remember the name, I think it’s a brilliant name!


Foodie Pen Pals!

So I completely lost track of days and forgot that yesterday was the last day of the month until I heard on the news this morning that it was the 1st February! I was supposed to post about Foodie Pen Pals yesterday but obviously, forgetting what day it was, I forgot to post so I’m doing it now! This was my first Foodie Pen Pals and for those of you who don’t know, it’s a great system where we get signed up with pen pals and send each other packages of interesting food items. I sent my package to Paula Woodhouse and Louise Dolding sent me a wonderful package!

I was so excited to get my package; post is exciting but post with food in it? Wow and what a treat it was too. The box contained goodies perfectly wrapped in bubble wrap and silver paper and I’m truly amazed how much Louise managed to fit into the box for under £10!

Here’s what I received:


The package also came with a lovely hand written card and a long typed up letter from Louise including recipes for cookies and marmalade cake! There had clearly been so much thought put into this package, I was really touched and Louise and I seem very similar in our likes! She immediately apologised in her note for not having any savoury items in the package, a concept that not only did not occur to me but did not bother me in the slightest either! I love sweet things!

Louise sent some silver baking cases, which she said make the cakes last longer and keeps them fresh so I’m looking forward to trying this theory out. She also sent some red candy hearts and some gold glitter stars for decorating my baking, which were really cute. Louise had really taken notice of my blog and what I like because she’d read one of my posts about Paris and noticed that I’d mentioned cocoa nibs being on a baked good I had out there. What should appear in my package? Cocoa nibs! So now I obviously have no other choice but to try making chouquettes decorated in cocoa nibs…what a shame! Look out for those soon. Louise also managed to find out that I’m obsessed with stationery so sent me some very cute cake stickers.

  Another brilliant part of my package was a little recipe book about cakes and bakes, which I’m bursting to try out!  Homemade blood orange marmalade was a really lovely touch.


  The highlight however was nestle tollhouse butterscotch morsels…I actually audibly gasped when I saw these, it was so exciting! I’m definitely going to be trying these out soon but I’m not sure whether to make cookies or something completely different…anyone have any suggestions?


All in all, this package was so thoughtfully put together and suited to me. It was really a great welcome onto the scheme so thank you very much Louise!