Giving in to the urge…to bake!

So after a couple of weeks of being desperate to bake but not having any time, I have finally had time to bake! One of the ‘flours’ I got for my birthday (see a previous post) was a medium oatmeal so as soon as I got it, I went online in search of an oatmeal biscuit recipe but couldn’t seem to find any that used ‘oatmeal’ rather than ‘oats’ so eventually, I decided to just use an oat recipe and see how it turned out. I decided on this recipe using chocolate chips and I substituted the oats for the same weight in oatmeal. The result was delicious! The oatmeal was clearly a good quality present because it was incredibly flavoursome and the combination of the oatmeal and the gooey chocolate chips was a really interesting texture. Whenever I make cookies though, they seem to flatten out and so the edges go very crispy and look unlike the nice, fat, round ones from the recipe. I don’t know whether I need more substance in the cookie so that it keeps its shape in the oven or what – this would make sense because using the oatmeal rather than oats made the dough very wet and hard to handle. I will definitely be trying this recipe again to perfect it as it was delicious. Thank you Sweet & Simple Bakes! 


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